Posted by Todd Handy ● May 2, 2016

Introducing Tout's LiveChannel Video Player

Tout’s LiveChannel Video Player maximizes viewability and engagement of local first party content. It monetizes better than a traditional right rail unit, and provides a more engaging experience.

Large, Innovative Playback Experience

Tout’s LiveChannel Video Player product is designed to provide maximum monetization for a right rail alternative. The player initiates from the lower right hand corner of the screen, plays video curated by the publisher, and can be viewed while the user navigates the page. Users can expand and collapse the unit as desired.


Implementation is simple. For those publishers who already have the Tout Right Rail Player, the configuration can all be done by Tout on the back end. For those who don’t have the RRP in place, the three simple steps are:

  • Tout provides its single line of javascript to the publisher, who places it on the desired page template(s)
  • The publisher embeds the necessary div on the desired page template(s)
  • Tout configures the player to work with the publisher’s pages, and fine tunes with the publisher prior to launch

Extreme User Engagement

Publishers can choose to merchandise multiple videos (most recent video first), so as to drive activation and monetization of their local first party content. The Tout team will work with the publisher team to help define the feed specifics and then appropriately configure it.

By default, the LiveChannel player is 465px wide by 262px tall (16:9 aspect ratio), and provides a strong monetization opportunity- especially for local advertisers.

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