Posted by Katherine Ryan ● August 30, 2017

Introducing The Tout Video Bookmarklet


Tout is proud to announce the new Video Bookmarklet for publishers - a super simple and fast way to search for relevant video and instantly insert into your articles with one-click, from your browser.

With Tout’s Video Bookmarklet, you can:

  • Search or browse relevant video from your own content library or from 3rd party video in the Tout Marketplace - all from your browser

  • Insert a relevant video into any of your articles with one-click, without logging into your CMS

  • Ensure all your articles have relevant video, in the easiest and fastest way possible

Want to get a personal demo of our new Video Bookmarklet tool? Contact your Tout Account Manager or or visit our support page here for installation instructions as well as a guided tutorial on how to use the tool.