Posted by Jason Shulman ● August 21, 2017

Are You Direct?


In today’s digital media landscape there is an increasing awareness that much of the inventory available in open auction ad exchanges is fraudulent at worst and not viewable by a human at best. This has led to an entire cottage industry within an industry catering to both the buy and sell sides of the advertising market, all trying to give participants comfort and clarity on where exactly their ads run and who is seeing them.  I have been in countless meetings lately where the principal question from the buyers is simple, "Where do you get your inventory and is it directly from the publisher?"

Thankfully for Tout, 100% of our inventory is directly sourced from publishers. We educate buyers on this by highlighting three main points:

1. The nature of Tout's relationship with all publishers is that we are their exclusive video platform provider; meaning we host, stream and store all their video whether it be 1st party or 3rd party video - and then help the publisher monetize new video inventory created from our platform. There is no way to access this video inventory without going through Tout.

2. The Tout SDK is embedded on all our publishers' pages so simply showing a buyer that our SDK is there, shows them with their own eyes that we are NOT simply "flipping VAST tags" from one exchange into our own system and the pushing them out the other side to the buyer, all while adding absolutely no value. Believe it or not, many ad tech companies are literally doing exactly that. Not Tout.

3. Finally, we utilize the new emerging ads.txt industry initiative. For those who don't know, ads.txt is an IAB text file inserted into a publisher's pages that aims to prevent unauthorized inventory sales.

Buyers today need to know not only where their ads are placed and who has seen them, but also whether they are paying the best price or not.  Tout is doing everything in our power to make that a reality.