Posted by Tout Editorial Team ● November 24, 2015

Tout October All Star: The Times-Reporter

Congratulations to The Times-Reporter, our October All Star! After joining Tout in July their organization has excelled at getting the most out of our platform, outputting a high volume of relevant, quality video in conjunction with a full implementation of Tout's different product offerings.

Here's their advice for other aspiring All Stars: 

"The Times-Reporter, located in New Philadelphia, Ohio, and has made Tout a true team effort in its newsroom (everyone is Touting, including editors). The T-R sees Tout as an improved version of Twitter. The newsroom gets to 'visually' tout the news as individual snippets of an event - just as anyone would with words on Twitter. This newsroom of 12 is a prime example that numerous touts can be accomplished on any given week...

"Jim Haynes, The T-R's lead sports writer, approaches Tout as a way to visually promote games he is covering, as well as to report via touts the play-by-play. Tout also provides a vehicle for video of those behind the scenes, including concession-stand workers, or others not always featured, including the band and pep squad. Haynes uses social media, including Twitter and Facebook, to share his touts, furthering his reach."

Check out a selection of their video here.