Posted by Tout Editorial Team ● January 4, 2016

Tout November All Star: The Canton Repository

Congratulations to The Canton Repository, our November All Star! After joining Tout in July their organization has taken full advantage of the platform, publishing a large volume of high quality video and utilizing Tout's multiple product offerings to increase video visibility.

The Canton Repository's high video publish rates, paired with their use of descriptive video titles has enabled them to automatically embed large numbers of their articles with relevant video using Tout's Smart Article system. This percentage has continued to increase into December, and having already broken their previous monthly record for Touts published it looks like 2016 is shaping up to be an even more successful year for their publication.

Here are some other key metrics showing how they've excelled: 

  • 87 percent of their local videos matched to articles
  • 30 percent of their articles embedded with video

Check out a selection of their video here.