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Come Into My Parlor...

For some time now, online publishers have been wary of 'platforms' in general- social media and search such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc.  Why?  Well, because they (the publishers) know that these platforms have the reach they often lack, but that the platforms lack the content the pubs often have.  An interesting conundrum, to be sure.

Tout November All Star: The Canton Repository

Congratulations to The Canton Repository, our November All Star! After joining Tout in July their organization has taken full advantage of the platform, publishing a large volume of high quality video and utilizing Tout's multiple product offerings to increase video visibility.

Tout October All Star: The Times-Reporter

Congratulations to The Times-Reporter, our October All Star! After joining Tout in July their organization has excelled at getting the most out of our platform, outputting a high volume of relevant, quality video in conjunction with a full implementation of Tout's different product offerings.

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