Posted by Todd Handy ● March 30, 2016

Introducing Tout's Tag-Along Video Player


What is it?

Tout’s Tag-Along Video Player improves the view-through, viewability, and engagement of Tout's existing Mid-Article Related Video Player.The increased performance of this product increases fill, attracts more advertisers, drives higher CPM, and ultimately increases overall revenue.

Where is it placed?

Tout’s Tag-Along Video Player is a companion to the existing Smart-Article Related Match Player.The mid-article player initiates when the user scrolls it into view and if the user continues to scroll, the player will "tag along" in the lower right corner of the screen, until the video is complete or the user dismisses the player by clicking to close it.

Why use it?

For publishers already using the Smart-Article Related Match Player,the Tag-Along player will increase the revenue driven by this product, as advertisers covet the higher viewability and view-through rates produced by this enhancement. For those not yet using the Smart-Article Related Match Player, the revenue possibilities of this unit will prove compelling. 

How to get it?

For publishers who already have the Smart-Article Related Match Player, Tout can simply enable the Tag-Along enhancement. Otherwise, standard adoption of the SDK and Mid Article div are required.