Posted by Gardner Loulan ● December 29, 2015

Smart-Article™ Related Video Match Unlocks New Video Inventory for Publishers

Articles that contain editorially relevant video increase visitor time on site and improve revenue per page-view as a result of video pre-roll advertising. Publishers recognize this, but the laborious nature of identifying and embedding relevant video at scale has been a major challenge.

Tout helped to solve part of this problem last year, when we released our Smart-Article™ matching technology to identify and insert videos at the top of the article page that were a 100% match to the subject of the article. This worked extremely well with national news and sports stories, where most often an exact match between the article and a video occurred.

There are a great number of articles where a 100% subject matter match simply doesn't exist, such as lifestyle stories or local reporting (though we can certainly help publishers create more local video). This is where related video matching can provide editorial value and additional video inventory.

Introducing Smart-Article Related Match
Today, we're pleased to announce that Tout has solved the challenge of adding related video to article pages with our release of Smart-Article Related Match, a sophisticated semantic matching and video playback experience that enables publishers to automatically add editorially-relevant related video to their article pages.

Smart-Article Related Match pairs two advancements for the online publishing industry: an ontological matching system capable of understanding the article's full context and a video playback experience designed for mid-article viewing:

Full-Article Contextual Awareness
Tout’s ontology-based matching algorithm identifies the properties and interrelationships between video and the entire article subject, not simply the headline. This allows our system to look deeper into the article to identify important corollaries that drive relevant video matches. We’ve vetted and tuned the system across a variety of genres and publisher article formats to deliver a solution capable of pairing the most relevant "related-videos" possible across millions of articles per day.

Mid-Article Playback Experience
Our new scroll-into-view video player is fast becoming a "best-practices" implementation for mid-article video viewing across the industry. This unique viewing experience will only initiate the video when the player-window is 50% or more within view, providing the most natural playback experience that both consumers and advertisers appreciate.

Tout's Smart-Article Related Match technology represents the next chapter in our effort to make publishers hugely successful in video. Smart-Article Related Match in combination with Tout's innovative full-featured OVP and marketplace of over 150 channels of updated video content delivers the most comprehensive, intuitive and effective video platform proposition in the market.