Posted by Todd Handy ● February 2, 2016

Introducing Tout's Smart-Article 'Related Match' Product


What is it?

Smart-Article Related Match drives maximum new video inventory and revenue by inserting relevant, related-video matches into the mid-article position.  A sophisticated semantic matching and video playback experience enables publishers to automatically add editorially relevant, related video to their article pages. 
Where is it placed?
The Smart-Article Related Match player is typically placed in the mid-article position.  

Why use it?

  • Provides more opportunity to leverage your video library and the Tout Marketplace
  • Dramatically increases video views per page
  • Offers a highly monetizable location
The scroll-into-view video player is fast becoming a best-practice implementation for mid-article video viewing across the industry. This viewing experience will only initiate the video when the player-window is 50% or more within view, providing the most natural playback experience that both users and advertisers appreciate.

How to get it?

Implementation is simple. For publishers who already have the mid-article player enabled, configuration is done by the Tout team.  The team will configure the settings to balance the needs of relevance and monetization, and then as needed can work with each publisher to fine tune.  For publishers who do not have the mid-article player enabled, the Tout team can work with them to implement the Tout SDK and to place the required <div>.