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Smart-Article™ Related Video Match Unlocks New Video Inventory for Publishers

Articles that contain editorially relevant video increase visitor time on site and improve revenue per page-view as a result of video pre-roll advertising. Publishers recognize this, but the laborious nature of identifying and embedding relevant video at scale has been a major challenge.

Tout helped to solve part of this problem last year, when we released our Smart-Article™ matching technology to identify and insert videos at the top of the article page that were a 100% match to the subject of the article. This worked extremely well with national news and sports stories, where most often an exact match between the article and a video occurred.

See How Times Publishing Grew 10x with Tout

In 2008, Erie Times-News began its journey to be a local video powerhouse. For the next six years, the 127 year-old newspaper struggled with various video platforms and production approaches until 2014, when the company turned to Tout, a free video platform with a mobile video recording app. One of the driving factors in selecting Tout was the belief that the newspaper's reporters could effectively create video if given the right tools. 

Tout October All Star: The Times-Reporter

Congratulations to The Times-Reporter, our October All Star! After joining Tout in July their organization has excelled at getting the most out of our platform, outputting a high volume of relevant, quality video in conjunction with a full implementation of Tout's different product offerings.

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