Posted by Gardner Loulan ● July 29, 2015

3 Simple Steps to Build Site Traffic and Video Ad Revenue

You might be surprised with how easy it can be to generate video ad revenue through your website or blog. With the help of the right video content management system (CMS), you can start generating ad revenue whether you create video or distribute content from others.

Most of the information you’ll find on video ad revenue is based on YouTube and Google AdSense but it can be challenging to manage specific pre-roll ads and revenue you generate on Youtube.  Furthermore, if you have an organization that generates video from multiple sources, it can be cumbersome to manage.  Another option for ad revenue are banner ads but according to a recent Wall Street Journal article, ad blocking could be coming to Apple's mobile browser. Clearly the future of the web is building your strategy around video, so what's the first step to seamlessly transition from a text based page to one that has various video inventory, as well as profitable?

Setting up shop with an Online Video Platform (OVP) that allows you first right to sell against your own videos, backfills ad inventory if you don't have any and guarantees a percentage of high CPM's from distributing video of trusted brands, is the future for online publishers.

Tout is here to transform your text and image based website into a rich video experience. Here’s how to get started:

1. Don't use a fee based Content Management System

Tout's OVP is the fastest, simplest and most cost effective. When you sign up with Tout and you can start uploading your own videos immediately or tap into Tout’s video Marketplace containing high quality video from a variety of genres and global brands. You can sell directly against your own videos with your own ad inventory or use the Marketplace videos that have high CPM ads already sold against them.  Either way, each video on your website will be automatically monetized.

The service isn’t fee-based, so you get access to Tout's tools, analytics and revenue without any risk. Instead, you’ll get a great video creation, management and distribution service and generate revenue within hours of activation.

2.  Consistently create and upload video

In order to create revenue from your video, [spoiler alert] you need videos. According to a recent Forrester report Solving Digital Video Advertising’s Premium Dilemma, half of media companies surveyed attributed a lack of video inventory due to overhead costs associated with production. However, Tout makes production simple, integration smooth and revenue tracking easy.  Once you’ve created your Tout account and become an approved Partner, you can immediately start creating, uploading and managing the videos on your site.  

The Tout mobile video creation application incorporates simple editing tools that enable you to produce and post videos in seconds, wherever you are. Alternatively, you can also upload long-form HD content from the desktop site. Regardless of when or where you upload, the more consistent you are with creating quality content that’s relevant to your viewers, you’ll increase their time on site and ensure a returning audience. At the same time, the more videos you have posted, the more opportunities you’ll have for viewers to watch and generate ad revenue for you.

Potentially, each time you upload a video, you’re generating ad revenue. If you have a single video that goes viral for a week, you’ll obviously generate plenty of revenue that week, but you’ll do better in the long run if you build a consistent base of quality content. No single video of yours may go viral, but consistently building more video inventory will consistently build revenue opportunity.

3. Become a video content distributor

Despite how easy content creation with Tout might be, perhaps your organization simply doesn't have the personnel, need nor desire for production.  Luckily, our partners like Sports Illustrated, AP, WSJ, People Magazine, Fox Sports and many others are creating high quality video on an hourly basis around breaking news, entertainment and sports.

You can embed any video directly on your site through the Tout Marketplace. Ad inventory has already been sold against content in the Tout Marketplace which means you are getting paid to distribute that content on a daily basis. Either grab an embed code from the Marketplace and write contextually relevant article around it that is relevant to your audience, or Tout can contextually match video automatically to existing pages on your site that match the inventory in the Marketplace.  Either way, we got you covered.

To see how much ad revenue you could be generating right now, request a demo with Tout.

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